1COIN supported.

The First Group. Gold and precious stones.



At the core of our currency (1COIN), we set several fundamental values.

The second group.  NEW  SECURE HASH ALGORITHMS and  NEW SYSTEM MINING.  OUR KNOW- HOW. Our suggestion is this. It is necessary to make mining for all types of mining. Since, for some, itis advantageous to mine PoW, because they have expensive equipment. For other (PoS), (LPoS), PoI, DPoS type of mining in connection with the following advantages: Do not need an expensive motherboard with a large number of PCI-Express slots, and the amount of energy spent is much less. There are no problems with drivers and miners, the system is friendly with any kinds of equipment and requires only the initial knowledge of a personal computer, it is worth noting that much lower heat generation during operation, which is relevant in the summer, since in turn does not require additional costs for the cooling system. AND OUR KNOW- HOW.

Absolute simplification of mining. To stimulate the 1COIN ownership, a special bonus emission of the tokens will be performed with a dynamically changing volume. The size of the bonus is not constant and depends on the month. To get a bonus you just need to own 1Coin at the end of an exact month, average 1 month. Additional 1COIN will be automatically distributed through the smart contract.
The size of the additional emission is not constant. In certain months it is much more than usual.

Third class – material values,  MATERIAL ASSETS OF COOPERATION COMPANIES.  PART OF PRODUCTION OF THESE COMPANIES. Goods and assets pledged under loans of 1COIN.

The fourth group of support for 1COIN is the ability of the population and business to credits.

The fifth group owns program, innovative methods, methodologies and technologies.

For a long time, I was Deputy Minister of Economy of Georgia. Supervised territories and small and medium business. I know the monetary policy of the state well. Especially for Georgia, we left  at least 9.5 billion 1COINs. In general, for Georgia, we introduce a lot of preferences.  Although 1COIN  fix as a global crypto currency,  but start with local actions. And I start this with Georgia from Georgian companies.

The sixth group is people, territories and states. The quantity of population, territory, degree of organization and distribution of power.

The seventh group. Our know-how.  Anyone,  who has a phone, and he bought 1СOIN, will mine our cryptocurrency 1COIN. That is for each call will bring the owner money.

Eighth group – such as time and speed. Time and speed are eternal value. They exist independently of us.
Ninth group – existing money.